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Think About It

It is certain that one glorious day You will be returning for Your bride, the church. Lord we need to be ready. If there is anything that You hate that is inside of us, oh God, I beg You to reveal it (so we can repent) and then remove it from us.

Boundless Love Of God

I ask You today to speak to Your children and help every one of us set aside that time to be alone with You in Your word. There is such power and strength waiting for us. Oh Lord, may all of us have that desire to know You more. We are submitted to Your word. Help us to be committed as well.

God is Judge

The thing is, we don’t always turn immediately to the Lord when we are facing trials and tribulations, and that should be the very first thing that we do. Instead of going to a friend or family member first when some offense comes to us in our life, we need to bring our petitions, problems and trials to the Lord.


Give me the sense to follow Your commands! I mean it is so true. We know better but how often do we get off course and do things our own way and not the way that the Lord has shown us? God’s word is fair. His love is unfailing. He is merciful.

Tried and True

If there is any bad behavior, thought or attitude that You see, please speak to our hearts right now and reveal it to us so that we can repent and be brought into right relationship with You. We are sorry for letting anything creep in and steal Your rightful spot.

Anchored In Jesus

We are sorry Lord if we have let this world or the cares thereof come in between our relationship with You. If we have dishonored You in any way, I pray that You would forgive us Father and draw us back into Your wonderful and holy presence.

Broken, Yet Rising Above

The next time we are offended, say Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing. Then ask Him to help us not to be hurt, to lay it at His feet and leave it there. Quit watering the root of bitterness and let The Great Gardener remove any root of bitterness we may have buried in our heart.

Rise Up From The Ashes

There is nothing we can’t do that God has purposed for us to do. No plan of the enemy can defeat what God has planned for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.