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“Unlocking the Harvest: It’s Time for a ‘Mega’ Move of God!” Diane Lake, Missoula, MT — Sound Of Heaven

Thinking Outside the Box Have you ever had an experience or discussion about something in the natural, physical realm, and then had it revealed to you that is was also connected to the spiritual? That’s what happened to me recently. In a discussion with my husband, I relayed how I’ve been “thinking outside of the […]Continue reading ““Unlocking the Harvest: It’s Time for a ‘Mega’ Move of God!” Diane Lake, Missoula, MT — Sound Of Heaven”

Safety Dwellers

Psalm 4:8 NASB In peace I will both lie down and sleep, For You alone, LORD, have me dwell in safety. Dearest heavenly Father,  I praise You for Your goodness and Your great mercy. Thank You, Lord, for being our everything. You are our Help when we are weary, backslidden, lost and alone. You areContinue reading “Safety Dwellers”

God is Our Shield

I love the honestly behind this psalm. I love how candidly David talked with You. He didn’t hold anything back. He knew You as His friend, Confidant, Judge and Protector. He kept things real.

Open Door

Open our eyes Lord that we not be blinded to those who profess Christianity but their hearts are far removed from You. May we always respond in love and true knowledge of You, so that hearts that are far off will see You in us and come to You.

Your Desert Places Are No More! My Deluge of Provision Is Healing My People" Christianna Schreifels, Big Bear Valley, California

Originally posted on Sound Of Heaven:
This is a word the Lord gave me on a Saturday morning, June 27, 2020, while I was praying on a global watchmen prayer call. I felt the Lord say to release this word for now, and it is my prayer that you are encouraged as you read this.…