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One Accord

The disciples were in one accord in the book of Acts chapter 2 verse 1. Let’s see what one accord means. According to Collins dictionary; If a number of people do something with one accord, they do it together or at the same time, because they agree about what should be done. The disciples met together at the same time agreeing for God’s will to be done. There is power when the people of God unite in prayer and agree that the Lord will have His will in a particular situation according to His word. We need to pray believing that we will receive that which we ask for according to His will and word (1 John 5:14).

God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19). Has He ever or would He ever lie? No! It goes against His character. God is faithful and He is truth (1 John 1:9 & John 14:6). We can trust and believe every word that He has spoken in the holy scriptures.

Read and find out what His word says and then pray about your situation according to the power of His word. Find other believers to agree in prayer with you and watch how God will intervene in your particular situation. The Bible says the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16)! His word also says, that, if we ask any thing according to His word, it shall be done. Another scripture says that where two or more are gathered in Jesus name. that. He is there in their midst (Matthew 18:20).  In His word, we read that, we have not because we ask not (James 4:2) and as a father loves to give good gifts to his children,  how much more does your heavenly Father love to give good gifts to those who ask Him (Matthew 7:11)?  Ask and receive that your joy may be full (John 16:24).

Christians realize your power in following the Lord. All things are possible to those who believe (Matthew 21:22).  So gather together read, worship and pray believing what the Lord will do for our families, neighborhoods and nation (Hebrews 10:25).

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Pray with me please

Heavenly Father,

You who make all things new (Revelation 21:5), praise, honor and glory are Yours. We humbly bow in  Your presence seeking Your will and way in our lives. Father, whatever situation we may be faced with, it is nothing compared to Your might and power. Thank You that we can come to You and You are never too busy to hear our prayers. You have such great love for us. Help us to bring all of our lives under Your subjection, rule and authority.  Let everything that we do or say line up with Your perfect will for our lives. Teach us to pray, unite us to further Your kingdom (1 Peter 3:8, 1 Corinthians 1:10, Colossians 3:14 & Galatians 3:26-28). We love You. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Let’s worship today with

I Will Call Upon the Lord by Petra

If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, please read the following blog titled, Never let Us Go. God bless.


Published by thefathersfeet

A lady that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to follow Him wholeheartedly in every area every aspect of my life so that in the end I hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, please read the following blog titled, Never let Us Go. God bless.

One thought on “One Accord

  1. Hello Donna, thank you for inviting me via the comment section of S.o.H, to be in agreement in prayer!

    Watch out satan this prayer is about to get real and powerful in the name of Jesus Christ,

    Father, YHWH, I’m here reporting for prayer duty as one of your faithful Souljaz, empty me of me and I,Invite the Holy Spirit to lead me in this prayer


    Abba, (Father) I (Input your name into prayer) I come before you today with a heavy heart because of the life, situations I am facing because of decisions I’ve made without you involved in the past and because of other individuals reckless decisions that have brought forth hardship into my life, Lord, I forgive others that have hurt me or caused hardship in my life, I forgive myself as well for not having you involved Lord with the decisions of the past that are casing hardship in my life now, Lord, please forgive me as I strive to include you for now on Lord, in every decision I make, small or big, Father YHWH, what the devil meant to destroy I believe you will turn around for your GLORY! strengthen me to walk through these hard situations in my life right now for in the end it will all work out for your Glory Lord YHWH, Amen.

    Video Title Kingdom Muzic Presents – All Belongs to You

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