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Someone To Care

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

This scripture today reminds me of a part of my past that I would like to share today. I was thirteen when I was given to the state. My mother didn’t want me. I was delivered to a temporary foster home. I was then switched from the temporary one to another home where the grandson of that home actually tried to rape me in the hay barn. I fought him off and ran to the neighbor’s house. Of course they had to pick their biological grandson over me. So it was back to the temporary (could only keep a child for 30 days) foster home for me. It was all that the state licensed them for.

The state then found me another foster home and it went well there. They gave me an allowance and I actually believed that they cared about me. What happened? My biological mom called me and had me sneak to meet her. Oh, how I loved my mom. I would have done anything for her love, but that is another story for another time. After those foster parents found out that I had went to see her, they let me go. They wanted a child with no ties that they could adopt.

So off to the temporary home I went again. I then went from the temporary home to another home that I thought I would finally be able to stay at. They were nice enough, a little strict, but that was okay. I loved how we went to church three times a week while in their placement. One Wednesday night while going to church, they had said that they were going to let me go. I was crying. I said, “Why? Is there anything I could do? I will do anything.” They didn’t say anything else. We went to church. There two beautiful ladies named Lou and Eula heard I was going to have to leave and they sang this song for me. I tell you I cried. Someone to care was exactly what I needed. I loved these ladies so much, Their hearts were real, open and compassionate.

Someone To Care by Jimmy Swaggert

Those sweet ladies were even thinking of ways that they could take care of me. Then my foster parents decided that they would just keep me! I was so happy. They said that I would need to help with dishes and cleaning the house. I eagerly said, “Yes, of course. I will do anything. Just tell me. I didn’t know.” I was never taught those things.

My friends, that is a small piece of my childhood. I know first-hand what it feels like to be alone, hurt, abandoned, depressed and so many other feelings. I have experienced hurt on a lot of levels. I have been where you are. God has always been there for me. He will be there for you as well. All you have to do is seek Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). Turn your life over to Him. He can make you new again. He can put all your broken pieces back together again. Trust me, He did it for me and He is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11). He can do it for you.

Pray with me please

Father God,

You are our light. You hold all wisdom. There is no problem that is too big for You, Absolutely nothing that You cannot handle. We come before You today broken people. We need Your help in our lives. We need healed and held by Your great hands. Thank You for Your word and today’s message of hope. God, You are so good and You love and care for us so much. Please touch any and all hearts that are hurting today. Draw them closer to Your side. Help them to relinquish all of their past baggage to You. Today, we lay down any and all hurt and pain before Your feet. We don’t want the garbage anymore, Lord. It hurts and it keeps hurting every time we pick it up. Help us to leave it at Your feet. Heal us of any and all brokenness. Let us forgive others who have hurt us by Your great power living in us (Ephesians 4:32 & Mark 11:25). We will give You all the honor and praise for it is in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Let’s worship today with

Great Are You Lord by Casting Crowns

If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, please read the following blog titled, Never let Us Go. God bless.


Published by thefathersfeet

A lady that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to follow Him wholeheartedly in every area every aspect of my life so that in the end I hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, please read the following blog titled, Never let Us Go. God bless.

28 thoughts on “Someone To Care

  1. Hi Donna, Thank you for sharing even though the testimony has the element of pain the message I got from the post is God always cares even when elements become part of the [pathway those elements never stops God God from caring for all individuals on this earth.

    The Holy Spirit lead me to share this scripture
    Jeremiah 29:11-13
    English Standard Version
    11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[a] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. 13 You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.

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    1. Yes He always cares. He is awesome. He is amazing. He has brought me through some of the toughest times in my life. Always showing His great love… never know how He may use you to minister to others. Just like those 2 ladies will never know how much they ministered to me through their love, song and actions. I am so thankful God used them at such a time in my life. Truly, I was so down at that point. Their Christlike love is what pulled me up. I thank God for brothers and sisters in Him who answer the call that He places on their lives. That obedience can change a life.
      God bless you brother. Thanks always for your kind comments.

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  2. Such beautiful transparency! Thank you so much, (((Donna))). I love the fact that you are willing to tell your story without reservation – – – no holds barred. God bless you! There is no greater testimony than the one that reveals the way our Lord and Savior has worked in our own lives. Bless you for sharing your story. Have a peace-filled, cozy Sunday! Visit my blog and get a glimpse of mine! ❤ I love you, my friend. HUGS to you, {{{Donna Dear}}} ❤


    1. Thank you (((Jan))). I love you too. ♡ I just wanted to be open and honest before everyone. It is my hopes that everybody would see me and be drawn to the Lord through His infinite love that He showers on His children all the time. Have a great evening. ♡♡♡

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      1. I am sorry if I gave the opinion that I, in any way, promote Halloween in any manner. I believe that we should not do any part of it. We should keep our children as far away from it as possible.
        If children want to dress up as firemen, cowboys, ballerinas or princesses it should be done in any other month, but not October. We need to protect our children. We are to have nothing to do with even the garment stained by sin. (Jude 1:22-23)
        Have a nice day. Sending you an air hug (((Jan))).

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    1. You are most welcome. It is hard to write about. In fact, I do not even like to think about it. I just wanted people to know I have been there. Since God has helped me, perhaps they too will have hope and know that they can turn to Him. He will because He is merciful and oh so loving.
      Yes, it will be great to meet you in heaven Marla. 🙂 God bless you. Have a wonderful day. Thanks so much, my friend, for your encouraging comment. Sending Christ-like love out to you! ❤

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    1. Yes I am having a good day. Thank you for asking. It has been busy. I finally got to come home, have my decaffeinated, herbal peach tea and write. I honestly love to write. I am glad your day is going well. God is good and always there walking with us. He is so amazing.


    1. Thanks sister! I am happy that you took the positive message out of all the past hurt. He is so awesome. He has always been there for me. I know Him as my Hope, Provider, Defender, Healer, Savior, Strength, Friend and Father to name a few.
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. It surely means a lot to me. God bless!

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  3. I use to sing this song in which I made up years ago. It was called There Is Room” the lyrics went like this. There is room for one more at the cross, will you come? He is waiting for you, there still is room at the cross for you, will you come.

    I use to sing that song a lot not sure why. I never added any more lyrics to it. Some times when I am worshipping the Lord I make up my own words to express my worship to Him. Instead of always singing songs I know.

    Love this as well sis.

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    1. That sounds like a pretty song. There is Room for sure. That is beautiful that you made up your own words to worship Him. Maybe you should write them down and send them in to one of your favorite groups. Then you could get your work published. I am sure some of the greatest songs have come from people just like you. The deep heartfelt emotional lyrics. Just a thought. The church does need one another!
      Words cannot always describe how we feel in our hearts. They cannot touch what we want to say. That is why I love how the Spirit intercedes with moaning that we do not understand.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your insight. God be with you sister as we march along holding His hand.

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      1. I never thought about that but since you mentioned that I might have to look into that. Honestly, I do not know where to start with that. I do not do all those social media sites. I just do WordPress, Podcast and Facebook.

        Hmm if you have any ideas let me know I am all for good ideas.

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      2. Where to start? Prayer. God opens all the doors He wants us to walk through. Those are the only ones we even want to walk through. But I am sure you know that.
        Personally, I do not know how to start something like that. But I do know if God wants you to, He will provide a way. Many blessings to you and yours sis.


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