Hide or Seek?

God spoke to Jonah and told him to go to Nineveh (a city full of wickedness). Jonah did not want to do what God told him to do. He thought he could run from the Lord. He found a ship, paid the fare and ran from the presence of the LORD.

But guess what? God can not be ran from. There is no depth, no height, no creature that can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35-39). He will have His way. His purposes can not be thwarted (Job 42:2). What He has said, will He not do (Numbers 23:19)?

Ah, but Job thought he could run away from the purpose that God had for him. It did not work. We see in the story that God caused a great wind on the sea, so much so that the very ship was about to be broken up.

Even in Jonah’s disobedience and running, the LORD used him. If you have the time read Jonah chapter 1. The men who were on the ship had the ability to hear about the LORD. They even offered a sacrifice to the LORD and offered vows.

So, if you have been running from the LORD, do not think it is over for you. God is still calling you. You still have a mission and a purpose. He has probably used your life for His glory anyways, just like He did Jonah. Don’t wait any longer. Get on your knees and seek the Lord’s direction as to what He wants you to do with your life (Matthew 6:33). Ask that His will be done (Matthew 6:9-10). That is how Jesus instructed us to pray. Do not lean on your own understanding, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Father God,

How wonderful You are. How amazing are the things that You do. We ask today that our hearts would be yielded to You. Have Your way in our lives. We need You. Speak through us and to us. Help us to discern the path that You have set out for us to walk. May nothing hinder us from accomplishing Your great plan for each and every life of those praying and agreeing today. Thank You for loving us with such a great love. Thank You for forgiving us when we have failed You and thank You for drawing us all back to You. May we be beacons shining wherever You send us. Loose Your power in our lives in Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.

If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, including how you can be saved, please read the following blog titled,
You Never Let Us Go. God bless. https://thefathersfeet.wordpress.com/2020/01/07/you-never-let-us-go/

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A lady that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to follow Him wholeheartedly in every area every aspect of my life so that in the end I hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, please read the following blog titled, Never let Us Go. God bless. https://thefathersfeet.wordpress.com/2020/01/07/you-never-let-us-go/

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      1. Thanks sis. πŸ™‚
        We bought some beautiful fushia hanging baskets. The hummingbirds live them. So I must go bring plants into the garage. Supposed to dip down below 30 tonight. Anyways, my day has been great. God bless!β™‘

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