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Pursue what is Good

13 and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves.
14 Now we exhort you, brethren, warn those who are unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all. 15 See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all.

1 Thessalonians 5:13-15 NKJV
Pray with me please.

Father God,
Help us to pursue peace and to be patient. These things are contrary to human nature. Please override our tendency to react in the flesh with Your gentle whisper to our spirit (1 Kings 19:12 & Isaiah 30:21). Let our ears be attentive to that which You are saying. May our hearts be receptive to the truths contained in Your word and may our path be illuminated therein. Put a guard at the door to our lips. Let no unwholesome or unkind thing pass through that doorway. Help us to warn those who are being rowdy and unruly. Give us the right words of comfort and peace to those who are weak and at unease. Remind us of the better way and help us to be humble and to do that which is right in Your sight. It doesn’t matter if we are applauded by man, only that at the end of our lives we hear You say, “Well done.” We lay our all at Your feet and ask to be clothed with the garment of praise (Isaiah 61:3). We want to show Your love, kindness, compassion and care to this world. Help us to walk the walk so to speak and be doers of Your word and not hearers only (James 1:22). May Your kingdom come and Your will be done. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, including how you can be saved, please read the following blog titled, You Never Let Us Go. God bless.


Published by thefathersfeet

A lady that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to follow Him wholeheartedly in every area every aspect of my life so that in the end I hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord." If you do not know Jesus but would like to know more about Him, please read the following blog titled, Never let Us Go. God bless.

9 thoughts on “Pursue what is Good

  1. I just asked God yesterday to let only wholesome words come out of my mouth. Of course they need to start in my heart and when I’m upset with my husband, that doesn’t go well. 😒 🤔🙂🙄

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    1. I know the feeling. We all make mistakes. It is a growth journey. Every day that we submit to the Lord, it gets better and better. We won’t attain perfection this side of eternity, but we will grow and get better. We aren’t what we are gonna be but thank God that we aren’t where we used to be either. Sending you hugs and love my sister in Christ. God bless.

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      1. Psalm 23:11-18 For it was you who created my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
        I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made. Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well.
        My bones were not hidden from you when I was made in secret, when I was formed in the depths of the earth.
        Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in your book and planned before a single one of them began.
        God, how precious your thoughts are to me; how vast their sum is! If I counted them, they would outnumber the grains of sand; when I wake up, I am still with you.
        God loves you so much! What a magnificent God to make wonderful you!

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    1. Thank you, sweet friend, ❤ I appreciate that so much. Things are beginning to get better in the home arena. I know God is honoring your prayers on our behalf. May He bless you richly for your faithfulness. Hugs

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