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Forgive Yourself

Whom the Son has set free is free indeed. Lord, whenever this thing comes up again in my thoughts, help me to speak to it, in Jesus name, and let it know it is under the blood and Christ has forgiven me and given me the power to forgive myself. Lord God, please loose the power of forgiveness in my mind over this matter. I agree with Your word, which says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Even When

Whatever else we may have trusted in has the capability to fail…money, banks, government, laws, politicians. Any of it can fail Lord, but You will never fail. Your words will never fail. What You have spoken will happen. Your word will not come back to You void without accomplishing what You set it out to accomplish.

Today is the Day

I will not just say things to ‘tickle your ears’. (2 Timothy 4:3) The truth has to come out. Scripture will point us to the truth. Then it is our responsibility to make that change and draw nearer to Christ.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Teach us to ask for Your protection every day by You placing Your precious armor on us every day. May we study Your word and each of us work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. You are an awesome and holy Father, let us have no sin separating us from Your presence. Teach us the how’s and when’s and also the why’s of spiritual warfare.

Let’s Pray With David

I pray for these people who would be Your enemy Lord. That is a terrible position to be in. I pray that masses of peoples hearts would be turned to You before it is eternally too late. Lord, please let those blinders come off their eyes. I ask that those who are against You would have their own Saul to Paul experience. Oh Lord, it is not Your will that any should perish.


You have all the wisdom in the world and more. You hold it all. Help us to get our minds, thoughts, actions and attitudes in line with the light of Your word. We need Your clear direction. Help us to step up and step out, acting on what we know to be truth, according to Your word

Ninth of the Ten Commandments

This is serious business with our Lord. It made the rightful spot of being number nine in the list of the Ten Commandments. We aren’t even to offer a gift to God while harboring any grievances with our brother or sister. Reconciling quickly will keep us from saying anything bad.

Seventh of the Ten Commandments

Are we willing to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him? (Matthew 16:24) It is more than just words. It is a heart-felt lifestyle in which we honor God by obeying Him and putting His word, will and way first in our lives. We have made Him Lord of our hearts, so now let’s let Him rule.