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Today is the Day

I will not just say things to ‘tickle your ears’. (2 Timothy 4:3) The truth has to come out. Scripture will point us to the truth. Then it is our responsibility to make that change and draw nearer to Christ.

Ninth of the Ten Commandments

This is serious business with our Lord. It made the rightful spot of being number nine in the list of the Ten Commandments. We aren’t even to offer a gift to God while harboring any grievances with our brother or sister. Reconciling quickly will keep us from saying anything bad.


We, the children of the Most High God of All, desire to serve You wholeheartedly. No more going with the world. It is time for Your children to make a stand. Help us to say we are Christians and to live a life that shows we are Christians by the things we say and do. We apologize for any area of our life that has been divided or compromised.

Part 1 Blessed

As we put You first Lord increase our desire to know You and what Your will is even more. Help us to humble ourselves so that You can fill us with Your great power. You never leave us or forsake us and You love to give us good gifts. Strengthen us so that we can help others