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Open Door

Open our eyes Lord that we not be blinded to those who profess Christianity but their hearts are far removed from You. May we always respond in love and true knowledge of You, so that hearts that are far off will see You in us and come to You.

“Hell Is Trembling! Why Is the Enemy So Afraid of the Black Community?” Johnny Enlow, Nashville, TN — Sound Of Heaven

Love to all the hurting right now. I speak love and peace. May power come from on high. Keep your head up. God is with you.

What the World Needs Now is the Evidence of the Love of Jesus Christ Personified in His Believers

We cannot keep having divisions among ourselves. When you say Black Lives Matter, I agree with you, they do, very much so! You matter! You are important to God and to mankind. You are highly valued by the God of all creation. In that aspect, I agree totally Black Lives Matter!