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Healing, Not Hatred… — The Last Refuge

A video recap of President Trump’s earlier remarks on the tragic death of George Floyd. Healing, Not Hatred… — The Last Refuge I was so glad to run across this video. I agree totally that we need to be spreading love and hope, not rioting and hate. Pray with me please Father God, Yours is theContinue reading “Healing, Not Hatred… — The Last Refuge”

Breathe Deeply

Breathe, oh child of the most holy God of all creation, breathe in the word of God. We need to breathe in more of the Lord, more of His will and way and as we inhale more of God’s grace and unmerited favor, we find freedom to live fully in Christ.

He is Risen! Now Go and Tell the Good News!

What a great day! What an awesome message! It should fill every believers heart with immense joy. There should be shouting. HALLELUJAH, God is not dead. He is living, active and breathing in and through us with the gift of His Holy Spirit. (Hebrews 4:12) We learn and grow in Him the more we study His precious word. Come alive with Him, dear reader, come alive.