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Equip and Build Up

I say that we need to do the same with the word of God! Memorize, internalize, verbalize, and actualize the word. We need to know, that we know, that we know the Holy Word of God. Then when and if any counterfeits; false religions, or false religious teachers come along, we will be able to spot the not.



Your children are suffering Lord because we do not know how to fight him. Forgive us for our lack of knowledge and increase in us a desire to know You more. With Your word, at the very name of Jesus, satan and his demons and generals have to flee.

Calling to God

Our lives, yielded to Your power, can produce so many things. There is nothing that You cannot do through a heart that is yielded to You. Let us continue to be the pen in Your hands, so that You can write our story. We will know where to go, what to say and how to act. We will be able to comfort others and strengthen them from the river of love that flows through us from Your precious throne.

Reflect and Reject

Being complacent is wrong in God’s eyes. Let’s choose to be on fire for Him. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit fire to fall on us. That we would be awake and alive, fully refreshed and faithfully functioning for His Kingdom. Let’s shake the cares and concerns of this world off and take up our cross and follow Him!

Seventh of the Ten Commandments

Are we willing to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him? (Matthew 16:24) It is more than just words. It is a heart-felt lifestyle in which we honor God by obeying Him and putting His word, will and way first in our lives. We have made Him Lord of our hearts, so now let’s let Him rule.

Think About It

It is certain that one glorious day You will be returning for Your bride, the church. Lord we need to be ready. If there is anything that You hate that is inside of us, oh God, I beg You to reveal it (so we can repent) and then remove it from us.


Give me the sense to follow Your commands! I mean it is so true. We know better but how often do we get off course and do things our own way and not the way that the Lord has shown us? God’s word is fair. His love is unfailing. He is merciful.